In our preparations towards racing, we have managed to purchase a second fully functioning engine form CAG in the USA, and I have also acquired a spare frame and a whole lot of spares, enabling us to have almost a complete spare rolling chassis.Then we welcomed aboard our New parts sponsor design corse , who has been great in supplying top quality parts and financial backing.

This, together with the support and experience we have accumulated over the years, should enable us to be a bit better prepared and more consistent with our results for the future, even though I realise that you can only make an old horse (Me) run so fast.

We have upgraded the standard suspension with some Nitron, Andeani and Mupo parts. Also had the bike tuned at Bunbury Dyno, great job from Todd. Managed to get a set of Bodis Ti tailpipes from CAG in the USA, they sound great and it's good to have 4 pipes back on the beast. The old MV needs to work hard to keep up with the new bikes, and being on a very tight budget, every part get's used to the end of it's lifetime.