The decision to race

As things happen we decided to take our F4 out on a track day. After doing a few rounds with Trakdayz (an organisation that gets you started as far as track riding goes), we decided to also try Racecraft (preparation for racing licence) at Barbagallo Raceway in Wanneroo (Perth).

Whilst at Racecraft, now called Ridedays , I was encouraged by my instructors to take up racing. We felt confident enough that we decided to try our hand at club racing.

The MCRCWA (Motor Cycle Racing Club of Western Australia) approved my racing licence just in time to enter the first Club round that year (2010) and we have not looked back. We had never raced before and had to learn fast to make sure that both bike and rider were race ready, big thanks to Mark Gill, Frank Gibbons and Paul Castling, it's all your fault.