The brand

We no longer have a local MV dealer in Bunbury, so I do all the services and repairs on my bike myself, at home. I could never thank the people who support us enough, and most we have never even met. sponsors, people like Noel the_knurl Highley, Carl Giuffre, Joe Geoghegan, Frank Beaton, Steve Chittendon, chris, Duvall Davis(Responsible for this site), Mitch Covington, David Hands, The Brians, Mat, Aden Armstrong, Daryl, Kevin, Rob, Richard, many great guys and girls.

When any work on the engine, suspension, body or electrical system is required I depend heavily on whatever support I can get from within the MV Agusta community, from TD3 supporters, Facebook fans and most of all the forum, wether it's parts supply or technical support. All this working on our own MV has helped me build up a lot of experiance, allowing me to help other MV riders, from all over the world, with a bit of tech or parts support. We can put a bit back into the MV Agusta community that has been so good for us, so if you need help with anything, please contact me.