What it takes

With no assistance forthcoming from manufacturers, any local dealers or businesses, it is a hard fought battle to become more competitive, or even just to keep racing, pretty much the same for everybody.

On a typical race weekend we travel to Perth and back home twice (760 kilometres), first on Friday for a practice session. Then return to Perth on the Saturday where we often stay at a caravan park overnight, to be trackside by 7.00am on Sunday. After racing we then travel back home, with Liesl usualy doing the driving. The whole weekend and all funds are provided by our family budget and therefore the need to try and raise funds and/or acquire sponsorship.

Thanks to the kindness from fellow racers and friends, Whitey and Pina, Dean and Anna, Greg and Sue, and Frank and Sarah for helping with accomadation in Perth, and from the members on mvagusta.net forum, we manage to save a lot of money on weekend running costs. Support from the guys at Rockingham Honda towards tyre supplies, are very much appreciated too.