Team Double 3

TD3 consists of my family, with me as rider and also mechanic. Liesl, my wife, as team manager and financial handbrake, while our children, Jo-Anne and Theo, complete the pitcrew. Sadly both kids (Jo-Anne and Theo) are now getting to the age where work commitments have become very important, and we miss having them at the track.

We love being out there not only as a team but also as a family, and it will be hard getting out there without either one of the crew. I am a self employed Electrical Contractor running a small 1 man business from home, and this has to takes care of the bulk funding as required (Safric Electrical Services).

After initial success, which surprised a view of our competitors and friends, it was suggested we change over to a alternate brand motorcycle, it was suggested that we would also be going faster. This motivated us even more to make a success, at least on our level, of racing the MV, racing anything else is just unimaginable.